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Let Your Loved One Know You Care!

For just $ 14.95 we will send a 12 ounce package of shit to anyone of your choosing, ANONYMOUSLY!

Imagine the look on their face when they open this anonymous fecal material.  Make this package one they will never forgot and talk about for generations to come.

You can specify the type of defecation you want us to send  to your loved one or simply let us choose.

Types of shit available:  All Sent Anonymously!

Dog Do Do - Feline Feces -Cow Dung - Horse Shit

Want to share in the joyous moment the package is opened?

Simply provide us with your email address and we will send you the tracking number of the package so that you can know when your gift of love arrives.

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 Only available for US shipping addresses.

Type of Shit
Your Email address
Name and Address of Recipient